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NKIF Seminar : Startup



Time: 2017.11.16 18:00

Address: Bærum kunnskapssenteret (459)

Speaker 1: Olga Brattekaas -- "From Problem to Profit"


        Mrs Olga Brattekaas has been in the shipping industry for nearly 14 years of which she spent 8 years with British Bibby Line Group leading various international projects at Bibby’s ship management group of companies.

        She joined Norwegian shipping company Seabird Exploration in 2015 as a Head of Maritime and Seismic Personnel with a primary task of effective management of company human resources and running cost optimisation programs. 

        Her experience and initiatives have resulted in the formation of innovative start-up. Shipcosts’ main purpose is optimisation of the vessels operating expenses via digital high-tech tools.



Speaker 2: Erik Leung -- "The 5Ws in startup"


        Erik Leung, Head of Cognitive Computing @ Simplifai

        The square peg in the world of round holes, Erik has a passion of technology and would like to use that to benefit the society as a whole.

        10 years of experience spanning several popular technology and product development and sale. It is time to make the change and leave the comfortable corporate life in search for true happiness.

        Erik now owns Simplifai, a startup company aiming to use artificial intelligence to automate workplaces. Together with his team, Erik designs and sells Simplifai digital employees who can perform the repetitive tasks currently done by people who finds those job neither fulfilling and challenging.

        In his talk, Erik will share his experience when making the leap from corporate life to the startup world.


Speaker 3: Wei Li



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