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Xu Xiang

Dr. Xiang holds position as senior hydrodynamic engineer in the project department of Statens vegvesen(NPRA), region west. He obtained his PhD in marine hydrodynamics from NTNU in 2012. He has previously worked in the ocean basin of China Ship Scientific research Center, DNVGL Software, Global Maritime Engineering and Consultancy. His research and project experience mainly focuss on hydrodynamic issues in offshort floating structures, marine operations, ship seakeeping, ship maneuvering in waves, both numerically and experimentally. His currently project tasks include hydrodynamic optimization of bridge floaters, global response of long floating bridges, submerged floating tunnels, and ship collision induced responses. He works as team leader of the concepts evaluation and development for the Sulafjord, and NPRA supervisor of PhD/Postdoc at NTNU.

Jianhui Ma

Mr. Ma is a specialist on bridge engineering in COWI. He worked for Norconsult aS from 2006 to 2007. Since 2007, he has been working in COWI as structure engineer and bridge engineer. Prior to that, he received his master degree on integrited building technology from Narvik University Collegue and bachelor degree on bridge engineering from Tongji University.

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