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Dr. Song An

Song An holds a PhD in marine hydrodynamics from Norwegian University of
Science and Technology (NTNU). He joined Kongsberg Maritime A.S. as a
principle engineer since 2012. 80% of his work is to develop the next generation
of dynamic positioning system (DP), which includes components in real-time
process station (PS) in DP, in-house simulator, online analysis tools and
hydrodynamic software. 20% of his work is related to DP marine operation
simulations based on the customers? needs and specifications.

Dr. Li Zhou

Li Zhou holds a PhD in Marine Structures from NTNU in 2012. He joined Aker
Solutions in the beginning of 2013. The main work is to calculate the ice loads
and simulate ice-hull interaction in ice-covered area. Around 40% of his duty is
global riser analysis. During his PhD study, station-keeping methods with DP
system were implemented to use for vessels operating in arctic area.


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